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Eco Tourism and Blackpark Farm Environmental policies
The Green Business Tourism Scheme

We have long been aware of the benefits to the environment of Eco tourism. It is our aim to meet the requirements of the green tourism business scheme by being energy efficient and to keep the amount of waste created from our new self-catering holiday home to a minimum. The following, gives some indication of the features we have included in Links View and measures that you can take to help to reduce waste and help the environment.

As this is a new house we endeavoured to fit energy efficient appliances and plumbing in order to keep water and electricity consumption to a mimimum whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of comfort.

Green Kitchen appliances
These are all Bosch and include a fully integrated Dishwasher with energy & wash grading and a heat recycling system. This is the most efficient product we could source.
The fridge is A rated and the freezer is B rated. Both are CFC & HFC free.

Washer / Dryer machine.
This appliance is A wash rated and B for energy.

The recessed lights in the kitchen and hall are low voltage with reflector units and are split into zones to reduce energy consumption. The bedrooms, games room, lounge and bathrooms have low energy light bulbs to keep the power costs down. Please ensure that if any rooms are unoccupied that you turn off the lights.

Central Heating.
Every effort has been made to make our self catering visitors as comfortable and warm as it is possible to be. This house has oil fired underfloor heating and all areas of the house have individual temperature and timer controls. These areas are preset and you will be given instructions on how if required the temperature can be altered during any preset time zone.

Other environmental measures.
In the en-suite there is a heat recovery ventilation recovery unit.
This unit recovers up to 70% of heat, which can be lost.

The new boiler system meets all the current efficiency ratings required by the planning authority along with the insulation "SAP" rating of 98 which shows a low heat loss calculation for the overall house.

The builder used where possible timber from renewable sources and there is a declaration from the supplier to confirm this undertaking.

Other aspects relating to the build include recycling the branches from old trees from the site as a mulch to keep down weeds. Re-using spoil from other sites to build up levels rather than disposal to land fill sites, also to cut down on importing new aggregate from the local quarry.

As indicated earlier we are trying to use recycled products, bin bags, toilet rolls and where possible recycled paper in the main office at the farm.

Where possible any timber products bought have the FSC "Forestry Stewardship Council" stamp, showing that the wood is from a sustainable source. Small items such as the curtain rails in the dining area are FSC. If possible when purchasing cleaning products we buy non-aerosol sprays to avoid pressurised containers, harmfull to the environment.

This website contains information about Walking & Cycling and the local bus timetables passing our road (and tours from Inverness) on our location and activities pages. Bikes can be stored securely in some of our farm buildings if required. Let us know if you require this facility. Hire bikes are also available to our self catering visitors

There is a council bin located next to the oil tank in the garden for your domestic waste.
There is located at the Inshes Retail Park the opportunity to recycle and glass bottles, textiles, paper and Aluminium cans that you may accumulate over your holiday. The retail park is situated on the outskirts of Inverness approx. 3 miles from the end of the drive. If you are unable to deliver to the recycling site, we can uplift the separated items.The bin bags supplied are 100% recycled but if possible you can reuse any plastic bags from your grocery shopping for waste storage.

The aim is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites.

We have tried where possible to plant hedging which is habitat friendly including Beech and Pyracanthus, which has berries for the birds in the winter months. On the banks to the front and side of the house there is a wild herb meadow mix sown, foxgloves, bluebells and poppies.

There is a small pond just outside the garden, where animals, including farm animals use for drinking etc. We hope the additional habitat measures within the garden will enhance the local wildlife. There is a wooden "FSC" bird box to the rear of the house.

The rear garden fence is made from surplus wood from other house sites supplied by the builder.

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